No.11 Martin Street

No.11 Martin Street, my first home in Manchester. My modest mid terrace that enabled me to climb the property ladder in 2007 at 23 years old – thanks to a time of 100% mortgages and zero deposits.

I left Liverpool for Manchester at 18 years old to start University; I fell in love with this incredible city and decided to stay and have now lived here for as many years as I have lived in my home city of Liverpool.

In 2007 I was working for EF International Language School and earning half of what I earn now, so I ‘rented’ one of my bedrooms to a lodger.


The first lodger I had was a friend who I was currently living with in a flat in Whalley Range, so we moved in together. Lodgers came and went over the years. I lived with several friends who needed a ‘room’ after a relationship break up or relocation. At times I welcomed strangers into my home having advertised the room on In total I had seven long term lodgers who each stayed between 3 months and 3 years. Some set ups were more successful than others.

Host Family

After a few years at No.11 I decided to put my third bedroom to use and started hosting International students via work. I officially became a ‘host family’ and offered accommodation to students from all over the world while they were studying English. I did this for 3 years and hosted 34 students in total. Students would stay from 2 weeks to 9 months. Some of these students I am still friends with today, and have been fortunate to visit them in their home countries after they returned home.

In 2020, I made the decision that I wanted to live alone at No.11 and have my own space and privacy. Financially I no longer needed to rely on the money, so in February I asked my last lodger to move out, and thankfully this happened before the pandemic hit and we were put into national lockdown. I shudder at the thought of us having to quarantine together.

No.11 will forever hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for the memories. Thank you for being my first home and thank you to all who lived here with me.

New Chapter

After 13 years and a pandemic that highlighted the need for a garden, it’s time to move on. No.11 has now officially been sold and I am excited for my new chapter. Follow my new house renovation journey @mynewmcrhome  



  1. Siobhan
    December 31, 2020 / 5:04 pm

    Some lovely memories a) of visiting you and number 11 and b) of hearing some hilarious lodger/student stories 😂❤️

    • January 1, 2021 / 10:31 am

      Soooo many student stories!!! Debriefing daily at reception

  2. Sarah
    January 2, 2021 / 2:10 pm

    This blog is brilliant! Well done! 👍🏼❤️

    • January 2, 2021 / 2:26 pm

      Thanks lovely, very kind of you

  3. Michelle
    January 2, 2021 / 4:45 pm

    On to the next house and new projects! ❤

    • January 2, 2021 / 4:59 pm

      I can’t wait for you to see it, and for you to get your sledge hammer out 🙂

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