First Week of the Reno

I can’t quite believe I have only lived at No.116 for four weeks. I feel really settled and happy in my new home already. There is so much to do, but I’m in it for the long haul.

I took some time off work in January to coincide with the house move, and for the first week I didn’t sleep there. Rascal and I were fortunate enough to be able to stay with my friend Matt whilst making No.116 habitable.

Week 1 progress

No.116 hadn’t been lived in for a long time and clearly needed a lot of TLC. Sadly the previous owner hadn’t cleaned the property before fully vacating and left lots of unwanted items behind.

Week one was spent cleaning, ripping out the retro fitted wardrobes that were in two of the three bedrooms, unpacking (what I could) and making it feel homely as best as I could, before Rascal and I officially moved in the following Sunday. I was also without internet until the following Monday.

Bedroom 1

Day 1 and work began on the master bedroom, this room had fully fitted wardrobes, chest of drawer and mirrors along 3 of the 4 walls. It took us the best part of the day to rip this all out, leaving behind some very ugly orange potted walls, but without the fitted furniture this room almost doubled in size.

Plans for the new bathroom

Day 2 was more of the same, bedroom number 3 had all of the fitted wardrobes removed. My plan is to move the bathroom into this room as it is a much better shape and has a perfect space for a walk in shower.

The Spare Bedroom

Day 3 and we focused our attentions on the second bedroom, this was the only room without fitted wardrobes, but all walls and the ceiling were wallpapered. All walls stripped, carpet took up and curtains taken down. This room will eventually be the spare bedroom, but for the meantime it is my home office and walk in wardrobe all in one!

Kitchen & Bathroom

Day 4 was dedicated to cleaning, I focused on the kitchen and Matt cleaned the bathroom. Both dirty AF. I managed to unpack the majority of my kitchen items away, although storage is limited. The bathroom was equally disgusting, and had an interesting makeshift shower rail situation happening…

Living Room

Day 5 and back where it all began in the master bedroom, stripping the walls and ceiling of wallpaper. Matt focused on this, while I turned my attention to the living room and set up the room how I wanted it, as this room will be one of the last I decorate.

Day Six

Final day (before our day of rest) was spent back and forth to the tip with all the fitted wardrobe remains, old carpets and bags of wallpaper. I had to get a ‘man with a van’ to come and take a lot of the wardrobe pieces that were just too big to fit in the car.

I was so pleased with the progress we made in just one week, and felt happy moving in knowing it was clean, tidy and homely. I am going to start the reno top down, therefore priority jobs are to sort the electrics and plaster in both bedrooms 1&2. Reliable tradies are so hard to find, but I am lucky I have a great electrician and plasterer on speed dial.

Remember to follow the reno journey via my instagram account @mynewmcrhome


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