Promotion Amidst a Pandemic

At university I studied to be a Speech & Language Therapist, a career I chose not to pursue. After 6 years, and various job roles I was made redundant from EF International Language Schools in December 2011.

NHS Career

In January 2012 my career in the NHS began, I signed up to a temping agency and they offered me a role within Mental Health Services, supporting the bed management team. I ‘temped’ for two years and as they restructured the service a permanent opportunity became available and I was successfully appointed.

During my time at Manchester Mental Health & Social Care Trust (as it was then known) I was fortunate enough to meet a colleague who unbeknown to me was to change the whole course of my career. Genese was employed by the trust to lead the service improvement agenda, without any additional resources to support her with this she looked to me to take this on in addition to my role.

Project Management

This was my first foray into project management and this opportunity went on to open many doors for me. I began my role of Project Support Officer and discovered that this is where my true skill set best fit. The exposure this role afforded me, led to my first unofficial project manager role when I was asked to manage the opening of a new inpatient unit at Park House at North Manchester General Hospital.

Due to the size of the organisation they didn’t have a dedicated Programme Management office (PMO) therefore I knew it was time for me to move on. I decided on a ‘side step’ to a similar role in a larger organisation with the infrastructure in place for me to progress on this new career path. I joined the PMO at Pennine Acute NHS Hospitals Trust in April 2016 and this is where my career truly took off. It was here that I first met Christ Sleight, and our professional partnership began.

Given my previous project support experience it wasn’t long before I was ready to become a fully-fledged Project Manager in my own right, and I was internally promoted in July the following year. Over the next three years I focused on establishing my credibility within the organisation and successfully delivered many projects. I gained experience of working in many different services and had the privilege of working with some inspirational leaders, but Clinical Support Services and my most recent role of Radiology Transformation Project Manager is what I was most passionate about.


When COVID19 hit, all transformation projects were put on pause and I was redeployed to support COVID recovery. With this pandemic brought new priorities for the NHS and my skills were required elsewhere. I was seconded to a Greater Manchester (GM) wide role supporting the implementation of the national clinical support services portfolio. This role would see me collaboratively working across all 8 GM organisations.

I am fortunate enough to have gained a promotion during a pandemic, and I am now a Programme Manager with a large portfolio to deliver over the next 5 years. I am so thankful for all the opportunities I have been given since joining the NHS and proud of how far I have come in such a short time.

For further information and potential collaboration opportunities please connect with me on LinkedIn


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